The Band

Peter Kubiak (Bass)

“I was born at an early age to human parents who soon realised that I was nothing special. They decided that they would mould me into a concert penist and duly sent me off to have piano lessons. Having obtained a black belt, and being fluent in major and minor scales, I decided that I would like to try another instrument more suitable to my tastes.

“After much deliberation, I happened upon a double bass in the school orchestra which I took to immediately, the only down side being that the thing was huge.

“Summoning up all my courage, I asked my folks whether they would purchase a bass guitar for me. I expected the worst but they agreed, not realising the terror I could wreak. Being diminutive in stature I could now compete with the rest of the planet’s population, not vertically but sonically.

“After several years locked up in my bedroom teaching myself to play, I abandoned my education and decided I would be either a rock star or be in adult films. Music prevailed, and I set off on a career playing the bass and making as much cacophony as possible.

“Due to my virtuosity, my talents were in much demand and I prostituted myself with local bands, until forming the band Stash based in Bolton. The band toured extensively around the Bolton area and were together for over 10 years until I had to have an operation (puberty) which would put me out of action for some time. Having returned to the scene, I played with the original line up of Riff Raff, plus other local bands but became disillusioned with playing the same material in the same venues.

“Circumstances dictated that I would be off the road for a few years, but one fine morning I awoke with a massive urge to start playing live again. It was on this day that I searched the musicians wanted ads and came across 5th Element requiring a bass player. Answered the ad, auditioned, and now for your sins you have me.

“What a brilliant bunch of people to get to know, and work with. Look forward to every gig, learning new material, and generally having a great time with. Not only that but meeting great new people wherever we go.”

– Pete