Top night with a Top Band-Most Excellent Times!

Always a pleasure to see the 5th Element crew-damn fine Musos and damn fine people. Good fun all round and some Most Excellent Tunes that had the Crickie’s rockin’ and dancing all night. Good, also, to welcome the Aces’n’Eights M.C.C in-hope we’ll see more of you at future gigs-Top People.

Ann, Neil (“Man Hug”), Rocker, Innuendo, and Neil (Nelly) gave us their usual polished and tight show with Ann on fine vocal form-I (almost) even enjoyed their cover of The Darkness tune “I believe in a thing called Love”-at least Ann can legitimately hit those high notes without sounding like Kenneth Williams on helium!!

With a good mixture of Rock and Blues numbers, Element are, in my view, one of THE Bands to see on the circuit. Good Stuff.

I am honoured to call them “Friend” and the Cricketer’s is always enhanced by their presence. As it should be. Hell yeah!!