Not bad… not bad at all……….

Hi guys, first time of seeing 5th Element was at the Woz Wolf Rally last weekend. Living in Essex (someone has to!) I suppose we are not on the same radar. Apart from the obvious attractions it was obvious from the start that you were not just an average pub tribute band, so we waited with interest to see what you were like. I’m an old git and seen many top bands live (off to Rammstein next June) so perhaps I’m a bit fussy on what I like. Even your soundcheck sounded interesting. And any band that has the ability to produce their own songs is worth paying attention to in my book. Then you started and, I have to say, tired legs were forgotten, beer was forgotten (that IS serious!), you were simply superb and blew us away with tight instrument play and a superb voice that we think has had classical music training. I am now a devoted fan and might well travel to see you again if you never perform down here in deepest Essex. If you remember at the end of your session I bought two CD’s. They were played this morning and what can I say? Hmm… well I’m sure you will be able to appreciate this when I say that I found my eyes watering (not crying) …ohh sod it yes, crying with the pleasure your sounds gave me. Two guys who didn’t do the rally heard them and were also blown away at the quality music emitting from my speakers. I’m going to research you guys a bit but I am sure that I will be hearing a lot more about you in the future……. keep it up….. simply great! – Peter Robdrup.