If Carlsberg Promo’d “Final Gigs”….

…5th Element and the Cricketer’s would have their hallmark all over them. With a packed audience of angry, upset and rather p*ssed off people at the way things have gone any band would have to gauge things exactly right to make it work. 5th Element did their very best-and that “best” proved more than equal to the task. Rocker (Rhythm), Neil (Lead), Innuendo ( (Richard)-Bass), Ian ( Drums) and Voxen Ann put on a show that lifted the blues right out and had the place dancing, laughing and having a thoroughly good time. Chatting to people pre-gig and at half time, they lifted everyone’s spirits to make it a “Last Night” to remember with fond affection. The music was good and the music was loud-as it should be for the Cricketer’s – with the Elements, as usual, tight, polished and clearly having a damn good time playing their stuff. With tunes from the likes of Thunder, AC/DC, Airbourne and many more of the bands the Crickie’s audience really apreciate and love, it was a given that pretty much the whole place was rockin’ out from start to finish.

Amongst the many highlights of the night-top of the list has to be Innuendo and Neil’s expressions when they were treated to a “Front Row” view of Kim and Friend giving an impromptu Lap Dance version of a Kimming –priceless!! Alan’s reluctant acceptance of the “Thank You” he received from the Elements and the Audience just before the Second Set will also remain in memory. Thoroughly deserved apreciation, methinks. Then there was the “Final Kimming”. By special request one of the Last Tunes to be played was, of course, the Ubiquitous “Whole Lotta Rosie”. “Yawn!!” some might say-however-one needs to bear in mind that is THE song that, for some reason, motivates Kim to “Give it all she’s got”-and, by the Gods, she did just that. Even Ann was on the receiving end-and, no, Voxen-it ain’t wrong, “Chacun ses Gouts” as they say!! All in all, a night tinged with sadness but made into a fitting farewell to two of the best Vvenue people around. They will be sorely missed on the North West Music Scene, having built the venue into one of the acknowledged top hard rock venues around.” It ain’t over ‘til the Fat Lady Sings”, I believe is the saying- I haven’t heard her yet-let’s hope. One more time from me for the Cricketer’s, Alan and Sharon, Jax, Kim,Wendy and all those who I have met and become friends with there, a heartfelt………. HELL YEAH!!!