A rockin` good night!

Finally managed to catch 5th Element live, last night at the Fox and Goose .

I spend most of my time ferrying our lads around, so dont get to see too many covers bands.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially with only a small crowd in early on in the evening. These guys obviously know the score, though, and by the time they took to the stage at around 10.45pm, the place was filling up nicely.

Straight away they had the place bouncing with their Cult , AC/DC , and ZZtop covers. The band has real energy and enthusiasm, and soon got the crowd joining in and making loads of noise. It was great to see vocalist Ann belting out each song with great energy – and really giving it everything. I like the fact that they’re a five piece – you can’t beat the fuller two guitar sound – and love to see a frontman/woman “owning” the stage without the restrictions of other duties…

Things really took off in the second half, and the more up to date stuff such as Nirvana, Blink 182 and Muse seemed to go down particulaly well, as did the antics of wandering guitarist, Neil.

The band finished with a well deserved encore of Rebel Yell to round off a fantastic show… All in all a great night out – If you havent seen them yet, I can honestly recommend them.