A great gig – in spite of the elements! (geddit?!)

Well, we had a night off from gigging (“thank god”) and we had plans to go & check some other bands out, but as we all know the snow got the best of quite a few North West bands so we had a look to see who was playing locally and lo & behold “5th Element” were playing in Chorley! I thought they might cancel, as the roads were really bad, but when we got there the gig was well underway. The Crown has recently come under new management & previously always had Irish folk bands on a Friday night, so a rock band on a Saturday night is a bit of a new one. So putting all these “elements” (pun, lol!) together with the snow and everything, we weren’t expecting much of a crowd. But, in the face of audicity, they put on a great show & had a good reception from quite a few more people than I for one was expecting! If the weather hadn’t been so bad, there would have been even more in. Our bassist was really impressed with the sound, and I was really impressed with the way the band pulled out all the stops despite the pub not filling up properly until the end and really went for it throughout. Rebell yell in particular blew me away – a very very entertaining band.