A customers verdict!

Two nights running I had the pleasure of watching an NWB band down at The Old Bank Inn Blackpool.

Last night was the turn of 5th Element to entertain the regulars, the not so often seen and some of the holiday makers. And entertain they most certainly did. These guys ( and Ann) had the crowd eating out of here hands all night (Jackie, get some paper plates LOL). with their music and ‘on stage’ antics. Highly entertaining, Highly amusing and probably the best fun to be had in Blackpool with your clothes on. Tho I did miss the topless stuff going on in one corner of the room!!

Rocker was having a small issue with his amp/leads, but you would never have known, apart from that a flawless performance that ended way too soon. Neil wandering around the place, on the bar, the pool table, sitting on the balustrade looking for all the world like a garden gnome on steriods, Innuendo, well, What can I say? The widest grin in NWB Land, Rocker solid rhythm and looks more like Steve Howe everytime I see him perform, Nelly at the back often obscured keeping it all tight and Ann, sometimes sultry, sometimes ballsy but always rockin.

One of those bands that I would recommend every one go watch.

Many thanks each for a great night, guys.