A cracking night of RAWWK’n’Roll for all to savour!

With a Prog Rock version of “Running Wild” as a sound check, bass players sweeping the stage with a yard brush, an air guitaring Viking making further use of said yard brush, trying to convince people he was playing a Strat, and a somewhat inebriated ex drummer (me!) slaughtering the chords on the bass lines during a rocking tune – not forgetting Pete Townsend style windmilling on “Won’t get Fooled Again “ – it was a night of Fun, Frolics, Madness and Mayhem with the Most Excellent 5th Element last night in the Cricketer’s.

It should not be missed, however, that this most enjoyable evening was based on a platform of solid, tight and focussed playing from Musos totally on top of their game, producing quality covers that had a well attended Crickie’s rocking all night. This morning my head hurts, my neck is stiff and I have absolutely no idea how or when I got home-as it should be.

Major appreciation to Ann, Neil, Rocker, Neil H., and Richard (Innuendo) for a night to remember for all the right reasons. Hell Yeah!