5th Element Last Night Have Restored My Faith In NWB!

Lovely People, Fantastic Musicians And Very Entertaining.

I lost the toss last night so I did the wheels for the missus, who after 3 large glasses of white wine at The Jolly Nailor was in her “Element” watching one of our fave bands.

Three new tunes (or was it four) in the first set were great to hear. (We’ve seen the Elements a lot)

The second set was welcomed by a mass of customers, who by then were really up for it! And the band were up to 7th gear in response, playing their Classic Rock to the highest level.

I lost count of the encores and they could have easily played 3 or 4 more because the Nailor crowd didn’t want them to stop.

To Ann, Dave, Nelly and Neil, thanks yet again for a Rockin’ Top Night!

All our love,

Rick & Anne. xxxxxx – a kiss each.

ps: Bad Horsie Mick asked me to lick your face Ann but I forgot? lol.