It’s a nice day for a…

(Left to right) Pete, Russell, Ann, Jane, Neil, Alan and Aaron at Jane and Russell's wedding - 6 October 2018.

…rock wedding!

True love rocks. That’s why so many great rock songs are written about it. And rock weddings are awesome.

On 6 October, we were proud and privileged to play at the wedding of 2 friends of ours. Jane and Russell both love their rock music and are completely bonkers. So, naturally, we think very highly of them indeed.

Being asked to play a wedding, though, can sometimes be a bit of a dilemma for a rock band. For a few fairly obvious reasons…

  • Wedding receptions aren’t commonly associated with leather, chains and ripped clothing, except in biker weddings and other, erm, more specialist celebrations. And if it’s one of the latter, for the record, we charge extra (although Hughsey would probably do it for free).
  • We’re loud. And we worry about bursting dear Aunt Doris’ eardrums.
  • We don’t play ‘Oops Upside Your Head’. We’re a rock band, the clue’s in the name. We might learn the odd extra song in advance of the big day, but we can’t change the whole set list.
  • Some of the lyrics of the songs we play are a teeny weeny bit explicit. And sometimes, mid-performance, Ann just plain forgets to bleep. Sorry, kiddies!
  • We take up more space than the DJ. A lot more. Tables may have to be moved. We worry about messing up the seating plan.
  • We have a lot of gear. And, yes, we need all of it.
  • We live in chronic fear of drunk Uncle Tony staggering up to the mic halfway through the set, demanding to make a toast to the newly-wed couple. Only to burst into an emotional yet ear-splitting rendition of ‘I will always love you’.
  • No, we really don’t play ‘Oops Upside Your Head’. Seriously.

But if you get a rock wedding right, you’ll get what we had at Jane and Russ’ do – a damn fine party with some of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet. And, if we’re honest, we’re still dreaming about (and drooling over) that wedding cake. Quite simply the most amazing double chocolate fudge cake we’ve ever eaten in our lives (we love you, Amy!).

Music is one of the only truly unifying forces in the world. Over the years, we’ve made so many friends through what we do, and watched so many relationships begin and blossom. It really is a special journey to be a part of.

So long as you don’t ask us to play ‘Oops Upside Your Head’…

Rock weddings – a total ‘D:Ream’ or literal ‘Led Zeppelin’? Tell us all about your experiences in the comments below


  • Jane


    That’s awesome you guys ,We adore you all and you made our special day complete .Many many thanks to you

  • Jane


    Absolutely awesome night would not have been the same without our favourite band X X many many thanks to you all

  • Russell


    Thanks very much to u guys for making our night perfect day and perfect night we think it all awesome thanks again xxx

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